Our Mission:

At Viking Fiber Co, we believe that every stitch is a step into the unknown, every project a new chapter in your creative journey. Our mission is to unravel the threads of creativity and embark on a vibrant journey through the world of fiber arts. We believe in cultivating an atmosphere of exploration and adventure, where every product tells a unique tale of color, texture, and inspiration.

 Inspired by the daring spirit of Vikings, we seek to unravel the endless possibilities within the world of fiber arts. We commit to providing a kaleidoscope of premium fiber products that spark the imagination and encourage artists to venture even deeper into their crafts. Join us on this expedition into the boundless landscape of fiber arts.

The Nordic Gods Collection

The Vikings had many stories about the Gods of the north, and these colorways are based off of just a few of those mighty beings. The yarns listed below are part of this collection. They will always be restocked, and always ready to ship.

If we happen to temporarily be out of a colorway you'd like, or we don't have enough for your project, just use our Dye-to-Order option. We'll dye them up and ship them off, special just for you.

Are you ready for adventure?

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