Non-Superwash Wool - US Grown and Milled

Welcome to our world of US grown and milled Non-Superwash wools!

We currently offer 3 different bases that, with the help of Battenkill Fibers, have been created for us using Shaniko RWS certified fine wool, New York State Corriedale (Nornir only), and Purebred Romney from Crazy Legs Farm in Upstate New York.

All 3 based have a slight gray undertone from the addition of a small amount of dark Romney wool. Each batch we receive from the mill is unique and can vary just slightly in color. If you're planning a larger project, it's important to purchase all you need for it at the same time to avoid getting yarn from a different batch.

These yarns are always limited and may sell out from time to time. But we'll always do our best to keep them in stock!