Nornir - Non Superwash DK

Nornir DK: Non-superwash US grown 60% Merino 30% Corriedale 10% Romney 3 ply approx. 230 yards/100g

In Norse mythology, the Norns (or in old Norse, Nornir) were arguably some of the most powerful beings. They are lesser known but most important as they governed the lives of Gods, Elves, Dwarves, and Humans.

The Nornir reside at the roots of the world tree, Yggdrasil. They’re the creators of the life web, the Goddesses of fate. They spin life itself into yarn, which is then woven into the fate of every being in the cosmos. It’s written that the Nornir would visit every newborn and measure its entire life like a thread. Its fate, good or bad, is woven into its web of life.

I’m so pleased to announce a project that has been in the works for many months. Our new signature yarn base: Nornir! A yarn that will take us back to the beginning. Back to basics. Locally sourced and spun, a vintage style of yarn that will allow you to be the Norn. You will decide the fate of the yarn. With Nornir, your projects are destined to be amazing.

This yarn has connections to both of my homes; where I grew up and where I live now. While I was visiting my family in upstate New York, I stopped at the local fiber mill 15 minutes down the road from where my parents have always lived. I chatted with the founder of the mill and inquired about the possibility of having a yarn base made. After multiple samples and test dyes, they helped us create a yarn that I’m so proud to make available to you. One could say that the Nornir base is fate, it was meant to be.

We used 60% Colorado/New Mexico sourced Merino. 30% New York state raised Corriedale. To make it even closer to home – and the most local we could – we used 10% grey Romney wool from a farm just up the street from my childhood home. This gives the final product a beautiful luster and a very slight grey tone that adds the most visually pleasing shading when dyed.

This non-superwash blend is a 3 ply DK, at approximately 230 yards per 100-gram skein. It’s soft and has the most unbelievable squish, and this is just the start. If this amazing, custom yarn base does well, we’ll be asking for different weights of the same blend to be made. We can’t wait to see what fate the Nornir have for this yarn.