The Hygge Collection

Hygge (hooga) is a Danish word that’s hard to explain. It doesn’t have an exact translation other than “coziness”. It’s more than that though. It’s the feeling of being comfortable and happy. About atmosphere and an experience. About being with people we love. A feeling of home. A feeling of being safe.

Multiple countries have their own version of it. In the Netherlands it’s gezelligheid. In Norway it’s koselig. Even in Germany as part of an Oktoberfest song I learned, they say gemütlichkeit.

The feeling of being cozy is so much more than just warm in your bed. It’s about lighting, smells, favorite foods, favorite music, quiet hobbies like knitting and wearing comfy clothes while you laugh with loved ones.

This Collection is a pre-order and goes live Sunday February, 19th at 5pm Mountain time. Turn around time for this collection will be 6-8 weeks unless otherwise stated.